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    Airbrush Compressor Single Piston-BN7212S

    Item No. : BN7212S

    Features & Function:
    Unique equipment for coating with watercolors with a professional result. The constant and sufficient performance (air output) is secured by a classic piston framework. And the working pressure will perfectly be steady with an air regulator. Intelligent solution in spraying and airbrush jobs.

    Technical Data:
    Type: Single Cylinder Piston Compressor
    Power: 1/6 HP
    Voltage: 220-240V / 50HZ
    110-120V, 220V / 60HZ
    Air output per min./liters: 23L/min
    Auto stop, start at 3BAR, stop at 4BAR  (special pressure available)
    Fitting: manometer; air filter
    Connections: with connection 1/8'' BSP
    Net Weight: 3.6KG
    Dimension: 245X135X170mm
    Electric Cable: 1.8M
    Certificate: CE

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