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Micro Air Die Grinder Features

Micro Air Die Grinder Features

This micro die grinder / polisher is ideal for reaching tight or delicate jobs that are difficult or impossible to accomplish with larger bulkier air or electric grinders. It is ideal for use with jewelry, and porting cylinder heads. It also features an 1/8" collet that allows you to use the nearly infinite variety of bits. With all of these bits available at just about any store, the number and types of jobs that you can tackle are nearly endless!


The features of this micro grinder / polisher include:

1.Air Micro "Pencil" Die Grinder. Grinder itself is 5" long, and 5/8" diameter. It is made of high strength, corrosion resistant anodized aluminum.


2.57" Hose is extremely flexible to allow you to reach the most difficult of jobs. Hose also includes abrasion guard to keep the air hose safe from wear.


3.Easy dial speed variable speed control allows you to set the rotating speed of the grinder at any speed up to 54000 rpm.


4.Easy change 1/8" collet with included collet wrenches allow you to quickly and easily change bits.


5.Includes 10 grinding bits, each with a different profile.


6.Includes automatic inline oiler, oil fill bottle, and starter supply of oil.


7.Includes an air line connector fittings for connection to your air system. You may need to get a different fitting though depending on your air system. They are readily available at your local hardware store.


8.Includes carrying case/organizer.


9.Maximum operating pressure 90 PSI, consumes approx. 2 CFM of air. It should operate off of almost any compressor that has an air storage tank. For best longevity and ease of use, we recommend that you use this tool with a pressure regulator, and water separator attached to your compressor.



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  • I agree with you that micro die grinder i better than electric grinder. My friend air die grinder since 1 years and he is satisfisfy which is buy from best local air grinder supplier.
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